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24 hour EMERGENCY Service

• Holding Tanks
• Mound Systems
• At-grade Systems
• Conventional Systems

New Septic System Installation, Design & repair of all types of septic systems, residential and commercial.

Septic Pumps installed

Baffle Repair

Filter Cleaning

Filter Installation

Riser Installation

Soil Testing / Perc Testing

Septic Pipe Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need my septic tank pumped?

You should pump your septic tank every 2 - 3 years under normal circumstances - although Wisconsin State Law may have you do it more often, depending on conditions. If you have a large family you will want to pump the septic tank more often to prevent solids from flowing out of the tank and fouling the disposal field - and to extend the life of your septic system. Holding Tank systems should be pumped more often.

How close do you need to get to my septic system?

Our truck can pump your septic system as far away as 250 feet.

Is a sand mound more prone to failure than an in ground system?

No. Although a sand mound does include the pump and its associated electrical connections, a properly designed and installed sand mound is no more prone to failure than a conventional septic system.

I've never had any problems with my septic system, why should I pump my septic tank?

The primary function of the septic tank is to separate liquids from solids. Solids are retained in the tank after settling. Digestion of the solids occurs over time; however, the rate of solids accumulation exceeds the rate of solids digestion. Additionally, not all of the solids are digestible. Therefore, the solids level does rise over several years. A septic tank must be pumped periodically to prevent the solids level from reaching the outlet baffle where they are carried over to the disposal field.

What is a baffle?

A baffle is an internal component of the septic tank. An inlet baffle directs all sewage towards the bottom of the tank. An outlet baffle prevents floating scum and grease from escaping the septic tank and accumulating in the disposal field.